About us

It all started in my bathroom!

Curly myself i had always had the most astonishings curls. Until my second pregnancy where i lost them. I only had something that wasn't curly nor straight hair. Whatever i was trying, the results were the same. I was becoming just another one of those women who complained about curly hair products. One day i asked on a Facebook group for minimalists what should i use instead of hair mousse. I was amazed from the answers i got. Even men started telling me to try Curly Girl Method and that my hair would find their old pattern. I felt like I stepped out of the Middle Ages into the Renaissance.

I read a lot of things about curly Girl Method and i started trying step by step all the technics and all the products adapted to the method. The results were amazing!!! Peopled noticed that my hair looked great and started asking what i was using.
I'm not known for my chatter, so i created a Facebook group with all the details, technics and product proposals. My group is called Curly Girl Method Greece and at the moment it counts 8,5K people. At first we were a few girls, all excited to have found one another.
But they had problem to find and try all these products in Greece.

2020 and the Covid-19 made his appearance. Until then i was giving Yoga lessons. I tried to keep them through internet for a while but it was impossible to continue. It was then that i took the decision to build a website (I am Web designer too) with products for curly hair and addapted to Curly Girl Method. I started contacting the suppliers and one thing brought the other and we are still here growing and expanding in all Europe and the rest of the world.

I spend a lot of time speaking with clients, analyzing their hair, their needs before i suggest products. And i am more than happy when they call me and give me their feedback. I share their happiness. At the moment i am taking lessons to become hairdresser and perhaps in the future we will see Curlwaven's hair salon somewhere in Europe, why not everywhere in Europe.